An Adventure in Rust

A few months ago I started work on a controller for a Milk Tanker. This would control and measure the amount of milk pumped into the tanker.

There are a fair comprehensive scoping stage and a lot of research was done on the best language to use. After a lot of back and forth and a number of changed decisions, Rust was chosen.

This was an excellent choice. Despite not having used Rust before, I found it relatively easy to get into. The worst part (and still is) is that I haven't built up a lot of design patterns. The lovely folks on the subreddit and IRC channel have helped immensely.

So what is it about Rust that I like? Firstly, they have removed the crud. The core is tight, concise and easy to use. This does mean that some design patterns change, but what is left is excellent. Being small means that it is easy to get started. I wouldn't want to learn programming in Rust, but it makes a good second language.

I adore match. It has a lot of features that just don't exist anywhere else. The enums are extremely powerful too. In PHP, Associative arrays are the work horses. In Rust they are enums.

I want to keep working in Rust as it suits my programming style. I hope that this project is the first of many.