Adventure in Embedded Rust

From presenting at Oxdize to writing some driver crates, Embedded Rust is where I want to be professionally. With tools like RTIC and Probe-RS, embedded development in Rust is easier and importantly better than a lot of existing systems.

With IoT becoming a bigger part of the world around us, embedded systems are becoming far more mainsteam. But the embedded world moves slowly. C and C++ are still considered the best practice even though they have many many issues. Embedded Rust seeks to change this. As Oxdize Global has shown, there are many companies having conversations about where Rust fits in.

I want to help that so I have started my own company. Lost Consulting is focusing on Embedded IoT prototyping. We plan to use Rust where ever possible to get a result that is both fast and safe.

I am also still open to working for someone else though! If you are thinking about using Embedded Rust and want to chat, please let me know!